Merry Christmas and happy new year 2020

The Christmas greeting of this year is about one of the more remarkable Danish building from the 1960’s, that is about to be rediscoved and celebrated. Glasalsltrup is a officebuilding built 1966 for an old glasscompagny. It is one of the first open offices in Denmark. The architect, Knud Blach Petersen was one of most active architect in the province of Aarhus, until the 1970’s when he became the architect behind a large social housing area in the brutalist style and was since almost totally ignored. He was a great fan of Mies van der Rohe, and the grid-construction is seen in a lot of building from that period, but the Glasalstrup building is a highly personal interpretation of architectural themes of the periode. The rough but slim and 1.8 meter high concrete grid is kept free of the building itself, laying more than 1 meter above the flat roof of the shiny glassbox underneath. It is cast on place, and contains more the 340m3 concrete, it weighs 822,5 tons and has a surface of 4.822m2.